Forest Service

Forest Service (FS) is an agency that administers national forests. It manages a system of national forests, national grasslands, and research and experimental forests, as well as other special areas, covering millions of acres of public land. It is created as a part of The Lumbria Project.

Since there are many temperate coniferous forests that cover the wast area of the land, the symbol of Forest Service is stylized icon of a generic coniferous tree (e.g. fir – Abies, pine – Pinus, spruce – Picea, cypress – Cupressus, etc.). The logo mark is presented as arrow-like treetop of a conifer in rounded square. The overall shape of the mark – rounded shape, presents protection of the area of national forests, surrounding the conifer tree. The color that is chosen to present visual identity of the Forest Service is handpicked hue of green, specific to the color of certain species in genus Pinus (P. nigra, P. sylvestris), called “Pine green”.
Stationery, posters and designed products are created in addition to visual identity to present the full image of the agency.

“The storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability.”
-Ho Chi Minh

ClientForest ServiceServicesLogo, Branding, Visual identityYear2018